WSRA is offering virtual programming. Take a look at the schedule below.


Dear WSRA Families,

Thank you to all of our participants, family members and staff who joined us for another week of virtual programs!

PLEASE NOTE: As the summer quickly approaches and as we continue to offer more in-person program options, WSRA will be starting to reduce our virtual program offerings. Within the next few weeks, you can expect to see less than a handful of virtual programs offered each week. We are grateful that this service has helped our participants and staff stay connected with one another this past year! Please let me know if there are any specific virtual programs that you would like to continue seeing moving forward, as we will take requests into consideration.

Below is the schedule of WSRA’s FREE virtual programs for the week of May 10! The Program Lead will open up the Zoom rooms no more than 5 minutes before each program, and each program will last up to 40 total minutes. Though it is not required, participants are encouraged to use the webcam through their computer, tablet or smart phone to assist with social interaction. When logging into Zoom, we ask that participants type in their first name only (not last name). At this time, we will not be requiring families to register in advance, so participants and staff are able to attend virtual programs when able and interested and without advance notice.




(All ages) ‘MOVEMENT MONDAY’ with Jess

In today's program- We’ll be doing a full body work out, so please grab a pair of free weights or filled water bottles and get ready to move your body from head to toe!      


(Ages 15 & Older) ‘TALK & DINE’ with Tracy

Let's enjoy each other’s company over dinner (your choice of cuisine) in the comfort of your home. If you won't be eating dinner during the time of this program, please still join us to socialize and catch up with friends! NOTE: We will continue to use a Zoom feature called ‘breakout groups’. With this feature, we will break into two groups to give everyone the chance for more meaningful socialization during the program.      




(All ages) ‘READY…SET…IMAGINE!’ with Amber

You pick our theme!  Will we write about a fairytale, an adventure or something else?  Let’s get our creative juices flowing as we build off each other’s thoughts to create a fun mad lib story. After our story is told, grab a piece of paper to draw what you believe our story would look like on paper. If you wish, you can share it with the group. Supplies: white paper and pencil, crayons, colored pencils, etc. Join




(All ages) ‘TRIVIA – Outdoor Adventures’ with Tracy

Today’s trivia program will be all about the outdoors! From camping to outdoor sports and more, join us as we test your knowledge during this exciting trivia program!


(All ages) ‘ART for EVERYONE: How to Draw a Landscape’ with Tracy

In today’s program, we will chat with friends while learning how to draw a beautiful landscape with guided step-by-step directions.


  1. White Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Markers, colored pencils or crayons      




(All ages) ‘WAKE UP CREW’ with Jess

Come join in on some morning discussion and fun, with all your favorite friends. We will start off with a question of the day, then play some Jeopardy. :)     


(All ages) ‘MUSIC MADNESS’ with Lexie

Calling all music lovers! Join us for music with Lexie Gutierrez where we will sing, dance, and have a good time. Be sure to bring yourself, an instrument to shake if you have one (even some rice, beans, or other small objects in a container will work), and most importantly- energy!      




(All ages) ‘LUNCH SOCIAL’ with Jess

Come join us for lunch, as we sit and catch up with some of our closest friends. All are welcome, even if you won’t be eating lunch, you can still come to socialize! :)             


We encourage you to continue checking out WSRA’s Facebook page at, and Pinterest page at for additional resources and updates. Please let us know if you have recommendations for virtual recreation programs, as we continue to welcome feedback and suggestions along the way.

If you would like to add any of your children/family member’s email addresses to this weekly email chain, please send me an email and I will add them to the list. We would be happy to include participants in the weekly emails to help promote independence and the learning of technology during this time. Additionally, if your family member is interested in having a one-on-one phone call or virtual Zoom session with any of our full-time staff members, let us know and we would be happy to set that up.

Please contact our team with any questions.

Thank you,

The WSRA Team